AMASS Botanic Vodka

Maximum taste and flavour for your next cocktail.
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AMASS Botanic Vodka

A delicately floral, citric spirit that’s mellow on the palate. It delivers floral notes perfect for that martini or tonic drink, without the aggressive lash of juniper found in most gins.
This botanic vodka opens with a nose of warm lemon drop candy. Citrus aromas soon evolve into scents of hay and sweet tea, before fading to frost and cold iron. The palate reveals initial bitter lemon, then grassy notes of dry summer and iced tea. The finish reminisces on hay and wild flowers before completing with a grainy sweetness.
Inspired by the city's long summer evenings and longer winter nights. The result is a light, elegant spirit that pays tribute to Nordic drinking tradition, perfectly suited for a variety of cocktails and seasons.

Morgan McLachlan, Chief Product Officer and Master Distiller, wanted to create a botanic vodka that respected the traditions surrounding vodka without feeling constrained by them. She searched for a partner with long-standing experience in the Aquavit tradition and a demonstrated commitment to high-quality ingredients. She found both in Henrik Brinks and Lasse Öznek, whose Copenhagen operation emphasises seasonality and sustainability.
AMASS Botanic Vodka celebrates Nordic distilling tradition and the rich history of Scandinavian drinking culture. Chamomile flowers, lemon zest, and marigold petals are distilled on an Aquavit still in order to imbue the spirit with subtle floral and citrus notes. True to minimalist Danish design philosophy, as few botanicals as possible are introduced to the vodka, with a focus on extracting the maximum taste and flavour out of a minimum number of ingredients.