Æblerov Tutti Frutti 2020

A cider's version of a field blend
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Æblerov Tutti Frutti 2020

Wild Fermented Organic Danish Cider

This is almost everything that has been through the apple factory in 2020 - plus much more! On a base of Rød Aroma apples, pears & quinces added a myriad of berry macerations, including raspberries, blueberries, cherries plus grapes and finally a 48-hour cold maceration on elderflower. En ordentlig pærevælling! Enjoy chilled. Natural sediments may occur.

6.0% | 750 ml

Æblerov Ciders – wild-fermented Danish ciders that leave an impression. It's the taste of pure chance, fruitful disobedience and wild rebellion that gets wilder and wilder.