It gets wilder and wilder
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Alcohol (%):

Origin: , Denmark

Maker: Æblerov


Fermentation: Natural, Organic


Decanting: No

Asian Food Pairing:

Western Food Pairing:


Æblerov Rainbow Child 2020

Æblerov Rainbow Child is a wild fermented organic Danish cider, wine and beer hybrid. It's the taste of pure chance, fruitful disobedience and wild rebellion that gets wilder and wilder. 

Danish apple cider with Rød Aroma, Topaz and a mix of cider apples. First maceration on solaris grapes. Second maceration on elderflower. Dry-hopped with Citra hops.

7.2% | 750 ml

Æblerov VSN

Æblerov VSN is a wild fermented Danish cider, wine and beer hybrid. This is the taste of Orange.

After 24 hours in a Hungarian taxi, grapes from @homokydorkawines mix with Rød Aroma apples in Svinninge. After 24 days of maceration, the most potent yellow liquid jumps from tank to barrel. Later it teams up with Portuguese pear quinces shortly before bottling. 

10% | 750 ml

Æblerov Benene På Nakken 2020

Æblerov Benene På Nakken is a wild fermented organic Danish cider. It's called a 'wild cider' since it tastes gorgeous as it is with nothing more added to it.

70% eating apples, 10% pear & 20% cider apple varieties. Made from organic Danish apple and pears, the fruit is hand-picked with love, meticulously selected, etc. etc.

6.7% | 750 ml


Æblerov Prendila Cosi 2019

Prendila Cosi is a fruit pet nat, our wine/grape-focused cider variant. The 2019 vintage is a blend of organic Rod Aroma and Holsteiner Cox apples, with macerations of Danish Rondo and Regent grapes.

750 ml

Æblerov Pechillant 2020

Wild Fermented Danish Cider & Beer Hybrid.
The apples for this cider here are picked with a used fruit picker or was it cider with used red peaches? Who cares, Ehren! Sprouted from Baghaven, notes of peach & strawberry pop up with recycled satisfaction. Enjoy chilled. Natural sediments may occur.

8.0% | 750 ml

Æblerov Tutti Frutti 2020

Wild Fermented Organic Danish Cider

This is almost everything that has been through the apple factory in 2020 - plus much more! On a base of Rød Aroma apples, pears & quinces added a myriad of berry macerations, including raspberries, blueberries, cherries plus grapes and finally a 48-hour cold maceration on elderflower. En ordentlig pærevælling! Enjoy chilled. Natural sediments may occur.

6.0% | 750 ml

Æblerov Pulped

Oragnich Danish Cider with Raspberry

This can contains spontaneously fermented cider made from mixed organic Danish apples sourced from the local Naustok orchard. We blended in organic raspberry juice right before packaging for that extra jammy summer fruit explosion, with the tartness from the wild cider base cutting through the raspberry candy sweetness. Pasteurized

5.0% | 330 ml