Abunotsuru Goya Junmai 58 Namazume

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Apple Melon

Body: Medium

Dryness: Sweet

Alcohol (%): 16

Origin: Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan

Maker: Abunotsuru

Rice: 100% Yamada Nishiki

Polish: 58



Serving Temperature: Best served chilled at 10°C

Food Pairing: Japanese grilled meat and vegetable skewers mix, sushi and sashimi

Oysters, fish pie, prawn pasta, grilled sausages


Abunotsuru Goya Junmai 58 Namazume

Abunotsuru Goya Junmai 58 Namazume is made to bring out the goodness of Junmai and Ginjo sake, which is why the rice polishing was set to 58%. Opens with fresh melon and clean apple aromas. There's a very subtle sparkling fizz as it enters the mouth, which is a part of what makes this sake so unique. Rich rice umami flavours fill the palate alongside a sweetness, bright acidity and noble bitterness that creates a refreshing drink.

Pairs well with food, but doesn't suit spicy food.

Fun Fact: Why 58? (1) Goya is the pronunciation for 58 in Japanese. (2) The rice is polished to 58%. (3) Ryutaro Miyoshi was born in Showa 58th year (1983), which is also the same year the family brewery initially closed until its recent revival. (4) The label design depicts a woman’s hand holding a bitter melon, otherwise called Goya in Japanese.

*Warning: Cap may pop off when outer metal layer has been removed.

Sake from Abunotsuru brewery in Hagi city, where Ryutaro Miyoshi is the new kuramoto and toji. Ryutaro san was a designer before he decided to revive his family's brewery after decades of silence. He designs all the labels for his sakes. 

Made with Yamada Nishiki rice from Yamaguchi prefecture that was polished to 58%. Pasteurised once before shipping (namazume). 

Additional Information:

    • Sake type: Junmai Ginjo
    • Acidity: 1.8

    • Sake Meter Value: -3

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