MIRA is a homegrown skincare brand offering artisan soaps and skincare products.

Focusing on small batch produce, MIRA believes in embracing the beauty of all things natural & handcrafted.

Soap. Oils. Scent. Wine

Your sense of smell is an integral part of your ability to taste. Try holding your nose, while eating a candy. You probably won’t be able to “taste” the flavor of the candy anymore.

Similarly, external scents influence the way you perceive taste. And that’s why we’ve paired up with MIRA Singapore. To give you an experience that involves the environment you are in. 

Here's How We Work Together

Curated Selections

We match the wines from our site to the products she carries by complementary scent. Who knows, you might just find your perfect bath wine!

Designed for Exploring

Their diverse influences, and our eye for unique wines create a match designed to push your taste buds based on scent alone!

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