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Fossa Chocolate is a locally grown chocolatier that prides themselves in high quality chocolates

Sourcing sustainably farmed quality cacao to make unique chocolate

Chocolate. Wine. Romance

Love at first sight always sweeps you off your feet, taking your breathe away.

Pairing chocolate and wine is kind of like that too! More than just a romantic gesture, the variety of sweet to bitter creates many avenues to pair chocolate with a large variety of wines.

That also means that they don’t always work well together. Be we can help you find the best pairing!

Here's How We Work Together

Curated Selections

We match the wines from our site to the products they carry by complementary taste profiles. Who knows, you might just find your perfect Friday wind-down!

Designed for Exploring

Their diverse influences, and our eye for unique wines create a match designed to push your taste buds beyond the typical steak & wine!

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