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Semillon is an important white grape originating in Bordeaux, and is used to make the prized dessert wine, Sauternes. Widely used in White Bordeaux, it is France’s 3rd most planted white wine variety behind Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay. Other common regions would include Australia (Hunter Valley especially) & South Africa, occassionally in Argentina & New Zealand.

The wines can be surprisingly rich and when oaked, can taste similar to Chardonnay. Hot climate regions would produce ripe stonefruit & tropical flavors, and are often oaked to give it creamy textures. Cool climates would provide higher acidity wines, often resembling Sauvignon Blanc. If unoaked, it is often bursting with citrus flavors - lemon, line, and grapefruit

Sémillon pairs excellent with richer fish based meals & with white meats including chicken and pork chops. Fresh fennel and dill based dishes go particularly well with Semillon

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