Temple Street Cocktails

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Temple Street Cocktails

Temple Street Cocktails is a range of affordable, delicious and quality, ready-to-pour cokctails, made in Singapore. Traditional tipples with a contemporary spin, each 100ml single-pour bottle contains a flavour that is comfortingly familiar, yet pleasantly surprising. Easy to prepare and drink right at home, these flavours are guaranteed to turn any day around.
With some of the best experts in the game, they created locally produced bottled cocktails. The initial cocktail range is developed by the renowned cocktail consultants at Proof & Company, led by Jason Williams, who is behind some of the region's top award-winning bars.
Created with precision, with a focus on quality ingredients and switching up some key elements, Temple Street blends tradition and modernity in all the best ways.
A concoction of cocktails to select from:


An aromatic tipple, made with top-quality Allpress coffee from Auckland, New Zealand, this is an indulgent cocktail that will keep the night going (for that pleasant first date that you don’t wan to end).
Keep chill, shake hard, and pour into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with three coffee beans.

  • NEGRONI | 17.5% ABV

A sexy mix of London dry gin, Italian bitter, sweet vermouth, and a dash of chocolate liqueur, mazing aperitif to start the night.
Keep chilled and pour over a block of ice. Garnish with an orange peel or wedge to garnish.

  • OLD FASHION | 20.2% ABV

This cocktail is a smooth twist that is too easy to enjoy. Instead of American whiskey, it is a mix of Caribbean dark rum, blue weber agave nectar, aromatic spice bitters and a splash of hazelnut liqueur. Too easy to enjoy, you’ll be reaching out for the Xth glass before you know it.
Keep chilled and pour over a block of ice. Garnish with an orange peel and a cherry - or go cowboy if you prefer.

  • GARDEN PARTY | 18.3% ABV

Reminiscent of British summertime, this super enjoyable cocktail is made with wheat vodka, peach liqueur, lychee essence, mint, floral vermouth and lime. A garden (or rather, poolside) party it is!
Keep chilled and give this baby a quick shake and pour it into a chilled glass, garnish with a mint leaf, lemon peel or whatever takes your fancy.

  • BEE'S KNEES | 13.5% ABV

A refreshing Prohibition-era drink, Bee's Knees means "the best" and is brightly flavoured, lightly sweet, and totally delightful. Shake with ice, strain into a glass, and garnish with lemon.
London dry gin with lemon juice and honey water with a dash of lavender bitters.


Created with London dry gin, white rum, triple sec, peach tea and a dash of lemon juice, this delicious tipple gives an elevated nod to the classic Long Island Iced Tea - but tastes a hell of a lot better.
Pour this baby into a cold glass and garnish with a lemon or any fruit that takes your fancy, really.
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