Amarcord AMA Belgian Ale

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Amarcord AMA Belgian Ale

Brewed in Italy but created for the world! Amarcord AMA Belgian Ale are a homage to our co-founder's Belgian nationality, the man enjoys his Belgian ales as much as Singaporeans love queuing – it runs in the blood!

“AMA Bionda”

“AMA Bionda” is a Belgian Pale Ale with a compact foamy head. Devised in America by Brooklyn Brewmaster Garrett Oliver, brewed in Italy and created for the world! A golden beer born of aromatic barley malts, three types of hops, Italian Orange Blossom Honey from Sicily and pure water from springs that date back to Roman times.
Golden blonde colour. Delicate yet distinctive orange citrus and honey blossom aromatics. Medium body and a persistent effervescence. Fruity pear, orange citrus and green apple character with the unmistakable flavour of honey and a dry bitterness. So refreshing!
Serving temperature: 6–7°C
Enjoy it with these food pairings: Spianata flatbread with mortadella. Seafood dishes, mussels and clams. Passatelli noodles with fish sauce.

“AMA Bruna”

“AMA Bruna” is a strong Belgian Amber Ale that refers to the great tradition of Belgian Abbey beers. Born from barley malt, hops and pure water from springs that date back to Roman times.
Warm amber colour with a thick and compact hazelnut foam. Sweet aromas emerge from the bottle to create a warm toffee, chocolate and cinnamon scented embrace. Full body with a complex and soft palate. The subtle malt and toffee base has embellishments of chocolate, caramel, pear and dried fruits. Sweet, comforting and easy to drink.
Serving temperature: 7–8°C
Enjoy it with these food pairings: Piadina flatbread with pancetta and griddled vegetables, pork hamburgers, or tagliatelle pasta with meat sauce.
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