FitaPreta O Branco Ancestral 2019

Reviving old formula Alentejo whites
Roupeiro (Síria), Arinto, Tamarez (Trincadeira das Pratas), and Alicante Branco
  • $62.00

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NOTES: Thyme Lemon, Orange Honeysuckle Mineral

BODY: Medium


ACIDITY: Medium +


ALCOHOL (%): 12.5

ORIGIN: Alentejo, Portugal

MAKER: FitaPreta


  • Roupeiro (Síria)
  • Arinto
  • Tamarez (Trincadeira das Pratas)
  • Alicante Branco




ASIAN FOOD PAIRING: Thai grilled fish, seafood hotpot, Hokkien Mee, sushi

WESTERN FOOD PAIRING: Seafood linguine, chicken salad


FitaPreta O Branco Ancestral 2019

FitaPreta O Branco Ancestral is an effort to resuscitate the old formula of Alentejo whites, using the original grape varieties of the region. A mind-blowingly complex wines that has a similar silhouette as Chablis, but more phenomenal and intriguing in flavour. Pale lemon yellow colour. Intense citrus nose with refreshing minerals, wild flowers and thyme on the edge. Voluminous mouthfeel leading to impressive freshness and a persistent fruity finish.

Blend of Roupeiro, Rabo de Ovelha, Arinto, Tamarez and Alicante Branco. The grapes come from 2 vineyards in Alentejo, Portugal: 60% from Vinha da Nora and 40% from Vinha de Vale do Cepo. Vinha da Nora has 35–37 years-old vines organically farmed since 2015,  and the varieties from this site are 50% Roupeiro, 20% Rabo de Ovelha, 10% Arinto, 10% Tamarez and 10% Alicante Branco. Vinha de Vale do Cepo has vines more than 50 years-old, certified under integrated production, and the varieties in the blend are 20% Roupeiro, 10% Alicante Branco and 10% Tamarez.

Hand harvesting the fruit at 3–4am, whole bunch pressing, separation of first and second pressing, cold decanting without any additives added for settling, racking 6–12 hours after. Fermentation of first pressing vertically and second pressing in laid down tanks. Inoculation with selected wild yeast strains. Clarification with Clay Bentonite. Low intervention throughout the cycle and no malolactic fermentation.