Krug Grande Cuvée NV 170 edition

The most generous expression of Champagne.
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Primary Notes:

Secondary Notes: Brioche/Caramel

Tertiary Notes: Dried Fruit

Body: Medium +

Dryness: Dry


Tannin: Light

Alcohol (%):

Origin: Champagne, France

Maker: Krug

Grape: Pinot Noir / Pinot Nero Blend

Fermentation: Steel Only



Serving Temperature: Best enjoyed between 9 - 12 degrees

Asian Food Pairing: Tandoori lobster, nalli gosht

Western Food Pairing: Oysters, grilled shrimps, cheese cakes


Krug Grande Cuvée NV

Krug Grande Cuvée has a light golden colour with fine, vivacious bubbles, holding a promise of pleasure. The primary aromas include flowers in bloom, ripe, dried and citrus fruits, accompanied by marzipan and gingerbread. Subtle flavours of hazelnut, nougat, barley sugar, jellied and citrus fruits, almonds, brioche and honey then kicks in. This bottle is elegantly curated with passion meticulously. 

The House of Krug has long sensed that a link existed between sound and taste perception. Music and sound have the power to reveal a myriad of new dimensions through the sensorial experience that comes with every sip of Krug Champagne. Enjoy this bottle with a specially curated playlist of music that will elevate your experience.

Krug Grande Cuvée is the annual re-creation of the dream of Joseph Krug to craft the highest quality Champagne he could offer, every year, regardless of annual climate variations. This series is always a blend of over 120 wines from at least 10 different years, which confer a fullness of flavours and aromas that would be impossible to express with the wines of a single year. Each year, a new Édition of the most generous expression of Champagne is created.

This champagne is re-created every year, beyond the notion of vintage and is a blend of over 120 individual wines from more than 10 different years. The fullness or flavours and aromas achieved by this careful art of blending would be impossible to express with the wines of a single year.

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Instantly recognizable aromatic depth and complexity here. The DNA of Grande Cuvée looms large on the nose with fresh-baked brioche, crushed almond, subtle baking spices and stony notes, as well as an array of stone fruit. The palate delivers a wide spectrum of citrus, from lemon to orange to grapefruit and beyond. The chardonnay really impresses in a long, concentrated mode. 43% pinot noir, 35% chardonnay and 22% pinot meunier. It contains 40% reserve wine and is composed of 146 different components from 11 different vintages, the youngest being 2013 and the oldest 2000. Drink or hold.

 - 96 Points

A vivid Champagne, with a chiseled frame of acidity and a chalky underpinning cloaked in a fine mousse that caresses the palate with its gossamer-like texture. Lovely aromas of coffee liqueur, anise and verbena accent the layered flavors of tangerine, Macadamia nut, brioche and ripe plum, a profile that expands on the long, mouthwatering finish. There's power and expressive character to this, with a delicacy to its fine integration and length. Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Pinot Meunier.

The floral bouquet is very fine and elegant but also quite delicate, suffused with touches of slightly candied citrus, but the telltale autolytic note of hazelnuts is less pronounced than usual. There is, however, some almond nuttiness on the palate, as well as racy rectitude and vivacity that give thrust to a long, surprisingly breezy finish. Will benefit from five to 10 years of cellaring. Disgorged January 2020. Dosage: 4.5g/L. Elaborated from 146 wines and 11 different vintages, the oldest of which dates back to 2000. 40% reserve wines.