Muraglia Olive Oil

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5 generations of oil millers

Frantoio Muraglia was founded in Andria, the oil capital of Apulia, five generations ago, but family’s patriarch has lived through 460 springs. It is a majestic coratina olive tree.

Our story as millers begins with this green giant that dominates our countryside in the Murgia plateau, an expanse measuring approximately 60 hectares of olive trees. Savino Muraglia senior bought it to make oil, defying those who told him that he couldn’t make a fortune from land and olives. Time has given its answers; time has proven him right.

What is certain is that, from that stubborn ancestor – a “capatosta” (“stubborn”) as the Apulians say – the story was founded of an oil that can currently be found in the gourmet corners of 54 countries. However, many things remained exactly as they originally were. Starting with an oath to preserve the biodiversity of the agricultural landscape and plants of strategic importance for food, such as olive trees.

We continue to harvest the olives by hand and cold press them in the ancient stone mill. To travel in the direction of uncompromising Italian extra virginity. And, of course, to be what we have always been: Capatosta (“stubborn”).