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Our Vision

boundbyWine is founded with the thought that wine appreciation doesn’t have to be a nose-in-the-air affair. Unique and less-heard-of wines can and should be enjoyed at a very reasonable price. Access to wines from all over the world at your fingertips! Plus, we love sharing our wine explorations with friends and family. What better way than to create a community around discovering & appreciating bottles of wines!

That's US!

Our Promise with Subscriptions

Wines Curated

Each selection is specially picked to complement your taste profile

Boozy Insights

Our geeky algorithm identifies your preferred wine for any occasion.

Your Own Pace

Change your plan or preferences anytime, it's your journey

Our Mission

Our mission is to encourage wine drinkers to step out of their comfort zone with wines they’ve never heard of. Don’t let the fear of purchasing a bad wine get in the way of expanding your grape knowledge! As for avid wine explorers, discover interesting wines from all over the world with us. Our geeky algorithm helps identify your ideal wine based on your taste buds!

We also endeavour to spread the word about Organic, Biodynamic, Vegan and Natural wines. They taste just as good (or even better) than the usual processed wines. We love when vineyards are willing to go the extra mile in wine making to ensure sustainability from plantation to production to transport.

Our Endeavour

We endeavour to create wine diaries with Our Coterie in a fun and enjoyable manner. Each wine is delivered with a QR code, a quick scan will divulge information unique to that bottle: A description of the wine, its vineyard and suggested food pairing recommendations. By reviewing your bottle, you can rate and look back at your past bottles to find out how your taste profile has grown.

How It Works


Subscriptions Only
Tell us your wine preferences


Scan our QR code on the bottle to learn tidbits about the wine


Keep track of your love for the wine, and how or who you enjoyed it with.


With each wine review, your 'True profile' grows to reveal your wine fetish!

Our Sustainability Promise

In our endeavour to grape greatness, we can’t miss out on advocating BoundbyWine and Our Coterie towards a sustainable eco-system. 
We’re not saying we’re 100% sustainable (we wish we were), but we try in the ways we can to be a friend with the environment. So join us and participate in our eco-initiatives!
Our reusable wine tote allows our Coterie to return the tote bag in the next delivery if they don’t need it!

Our hall of fame!

I use to only be a fan of Brunello/montepulciano. When Boundbywine sent me a bottle of Ciu Ciu Lacrima it blew my mind!

Now I’m more open to trying new grape varietals i’ve never heard of
Hardcore Brunello Fan
What Bound by Wine has made me realise, is that my pallet is ready to enjoy so many more varieties of grapes, origins and flavors, which on my own, I may not have trusted myself in buying that bottle of wine while shopping anywhere.
Wine Virgin
I had a go at the Primo Rosso by Paladin and it was so different from any rose/prosecco combination I've tried before!

Definitely excited from more unique wines to explore!
Sweet Tooth
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